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Disney Had Done Well With Princess Redesigns… Until Jasmine

Disney princesses are classics. No matter whether she was created in the 1950s or just a few years ago, generations upon generations of little girls grow up loving to transform themselves into their favorite princesses.

That’s why it’s so special when kids (and royalty-loving adults) get to meet their favorite princesses in the parks. And at the center of this love affair with the princesses are their gorgeous dresses. The dresses are iconic, each is the single most identifiable characteristic of each woman.

A couple of years ago, however, Disney began to redesign the princesses dresses. At Friday night’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, Jasmine debuted her new ensemble. And let’s just say it wasn’t warmly received.


(Photo via @bastienclerin on Twitter)

(Via Facebook)

(Via Facebook)

The biggest change from Jasmine’s old outfit to the new was the loss of her pants.

Being in pants was Jasmine’s thing, it’s what set her apart from the other princesses — it’s what made her unique. Disney was obviously going for a more-modest look, it couldn’t have been fun for the friends of the princesses to show that much skin.

But the new dress takes the modesty to an extreme. There’s so much of the sheer fabric covering her chest and arms, that she looks more like Jasmine’s grandmother than Jasmine herself. And her hair is way off, it seems to be sitting on her head instead of cascading around it.

**UPDATE** Katt points out that the redesigned outfit could very include pants, but the lack of movement in the meet-and-greet setting hid that detail.

What felt most jarring about this princess redesign misstep is Disney had done so well with the other princesses’ redesigned looks. Over the course of the last couple of years Disney had attempted to bring the princesses into the new millennium, with dresses that look less like cartoons and more like real royalty.

Aurora was first to transform.

Aurora’s old dress

Her dress was a lush velvet, a deep pink — almost fushia — and there was a serious collar that encircled her shoulders.

The new dress was softer. A more muted pink with tone-on-tone detailing replaced the bolder pink. And there’s still a shoulder wrap, but it’s much smaller and more sophisticated.

Cinderella’s transformation into a ball-gowned princess in her film was all about the dress. Cindy’s original dress was a silvery blue with poofed sleeves and beautiful draping around the waist. It was simple and that’s what made it timeless.

Her new dress amped up the color and glitz. She got a dress in a deeper blue, and the silvery blue color from the old dress can be seen in the detailing on the bodice. Much like Aurora’s dress, the fabric is softer. And she kept the poofed sleeves in the redesign, but they got blinged out with light blue sequins.

Ariel’s redesign mirrored Cinderella’s. Our favorite mermaid’s dress was originally a light aqua and (besides the starfish on her head) gave no indication she was a princess from the sea.

The new dress has a punched-up teal color, with wave-like ruffles in the skirt and a seashell jewel on the bodice. Much more mermaid-like, if you ask me.

Prior to the Jasmine re-do, the biggest change went to Snow White. Her gown went from a carbon copy of her animated film…

… to a lush, vibrant and luxe version of the iconic dress.

Much like Cinderella and Aurora, Snow got a richly detailed bodice and a textured skirt. She kept her dramatic collar, but it looks less like a cone of shame now.

Mulan and Pochahontas both got makeovers that weren’t universally beloved — Pochahontas’ jewelry went from turquoise and fabulous to colorless and blah…

(Photo courtesy of Disney)

(Photo courtesy of Disney)

Mulan’s ensemble got a totally new look…

Mulan's new dress is beautiful.

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… with a simplified design and luxe fabrics, though some worried it didn’t look enough like Mulan. But the quibbles with those two tweaks were nothing compared with the uproar Jasmine’s new look prompted Friday night.

It’s just bizarre how Disney could get the rest of the dresses mostly right and then make a sharp left into totally wrong with Jasmine. What do you think, will get used to the “new” Jasmine? Or will she stay on your worst-dressed list forever?

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