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(October 2015 Trip Report) Falling Back into Fall

It was here, it was finally here. You see, we love going to Disney pretty much anytime of year. But there’s something special about fall trips that sets them apart from the rest. It had been two years since our last October trip and, quite frankly, it felt like an eternity. So it was little wonder that I barely slept the night before our departure.

We were traveling with our friends Mike, Kelley and their twin boys Ryan and Jackson. Those very special boys were turning 7 that very day! They came to our house and we all caught Uber cars to the airport. They were on a different flight from us, so we’d be meeting up a few hours later at MCO. Franklin and I were hungry so breakfast was a must.

We were a bit bleary-eyed, as we usually are for those 7 a.m. flights. But we were ready to fly.

The two-hour flight was wholly uneventful. Franklin giggled when I gasped and yelled “Oh my god!” during a particularly juicy “Grey’s Anatomy” cliffhanger — yes, I temporarily had forgotten I was on a plane. I’m sorry, Shonda Rhimes is just that good.

Before we knew it, we’d landed in Florida and rode the fauxnorail to the main terminal.

We met up with Mike, Kelley, Ryan and Jack. Mike and Kelley went to grab their checked baggage while we started spoiling the birthday boys by buying them birthday donuts! With the whole group in tow, we headed for the B side to grab our bags and meet up with our driver.

Let the Universal portion of the vacation begin!

With all of us and all our stuff loaded into the van, we departed for Hard Rock Hotel. Kelley showed us how the boys had signed their own Universal tickets, it was adorable.

We arrived on property very quickly.

We checked in (Kelley and Mike’s room was ready, ours was not).

Everyone printed their beautiful, beautiful Express Passes.

We dropped all the bags in Mike and Kelley’s room and, just two hours after landing, we headed out to the parks!

Everyone was very excited to see this sight approaching.

We’re here!

I headed for guest services to get my disability card, while the boys got to pick the first attraction on their birthday. It came as little shock that these minion-loving boys wanted to experience Minion Mayhem!

After the attraction, Ryan hung out with a minion. Jack isn’t a fan of characters, so he sat this one out.

I met up with the crew while they were in line to chat with Shrek and Donkey.

Like I said, Jack really doesn’t like the whole meet and greet thing. Which made for some hilariously surly photos, like the one above.

Since they were right down the street, we hopped in a virtually nonexistent line for the Transformers M&G. Megatron was greeting guests.

And you can’t very well MEET a Transformer without riding Transformers, so it was time to whip out those Express Passes (standby wait time was 65 minutes).

As the ride came to a close, we asked Ryan — who has sitting between Franklin and I — what he thought of the ride. And I quote “That was AWESOME!”

It was awesome. And it had made all of us awesomely hungry, time for lunch! We’ll leave this chapter right there, but does anyone want to hazard a guess where we’ll dine first?

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4 thoughts on “(October 2015 Trip Report) Falling Back into Fall

  1. I have fallen behind on all of your recent reports, but I am here at the beginning for this one, and I can’t wait to read all about your time at the Hard Rock, Universal/IoA and then Disney. Woo-hoo!

    Happy Birthday Ryan & Jackson!!! Is this their first trip to the Dark Side?

    I really like the picture of the 2 of you in the fauxnorail.

    We don’t really do many meet & greets, but I would love to see Shrek and Donkey.

    I have two guesses for where you ate, I’m going with Leaky Cauldron.

    • I have fallen even FURTHER behind in writing the trip reports. But we’re both pressing onward! This was Ryan and Jack’s first Dark Side trip and they LOVED it! The M&Gs at Universal are great, especially since there are virtually no lines for them. So easy peasy!

  2. Did you find that you needed the express pass for US in Oct? We’re going at the very beginning of Nov and don’t think we’ll be staying on property this time. Thanks!

    • The Express Passes were definitely helpful for October. The weekends tend to be really busy because of Halloween Horror Nights so the crowds were definitely noticeable. Staying off property is doable, however, just plan to get to the parks when they open and do the most popular attractions first. The EP definitely let us not rush to the parks each morning. But you should be fine!

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