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(October 2013 Trip Report) Wait! Where’s Your Magic Band?!

We last left off with lunch at Via Napoli and some Food and Wine time in the World Showcase. We’d come back to the resort for a little rest before our big evening plans. It was time for dinner and we were eating at one of our Disney favorites that evening. It’s ‘Ohana time, people!

We’re not usually early-dinner people, but eating at ‘Ohana anytime during the 5:00 hour means you usually won’t have to wait too long to be seated. We checked in for our 5:15 ADR at 5:05 and were seated at 5:20!

We started with the pineapple bread (that Franklin never seems to remember to take a picture of before he digs in).

Franklin got his Poly favorite, a Lapu Lapu!

The salad came out next, then the potstickers and wings.

We had a kind of oddly placed table. We could see the grill, which was nice.

But we were both facing the fake wood pile on the wall.

It was just a little strange, but no worries, we weren’t there for the sights, we were there for the food. I learned on one of our last trips that I could get the noodles sans vegetables (my Crohn’s Disease keeps me from being able to eat more than a bite or two of fruits and vegetables), that has been a game-changer for me at ‘Ohana. It’s so nice to be able to eat the noodles while they’re hot, instead of having to pick all the veggies out!

The chicken and steak were excellent that evening, the pork was a little dry. Franklin ate his weight in shrimp, as per usual.

And then came the piece de resistance, the bread pudding!

I added ’Ohana to my list of ADRs for my solo time during my May trip. What I’m considering for that meal is to eat the dinner backwards: start with the bread pudding and move backward from there! That’s the problem with ’Ohana, everything is so good that by the time you get to the bread pudding (which is the best part of the meal), you’re already too full to eat very much of it! What do you guys think of the backward meal plan?

We paid the bill and hopped onto the monorail for the Magic Kingdom.

We were so excited to see people in the villas at VGF! The building was open for business!

We got to MK and we had time to kill before Wishes and the Main Street Electrical parade. Off to Haunted Mansion we went.

My ghostly beard matched my bride ears.

Then it was time for a certain song to get stuck in our heads.

A wedding chuppah, just a little different than ours a few days before.

Next we had a date with our favorite mermaid.

She wanted to know EVERYTHING about the wedding. Especially our first dance, she envies people who have legs to dance.

We had a FP+ reservation for Ariel’s ride. We got to the first scanner and my Mickey head turned green.

Franklin went to scan his and realized his MagicBand was gone. Oops! He was going to retrace his steps to see if he could find his MB. He told me to go ahead and ride the ride, we’d meet back up at the FP+ spot for MSEP.

I watched Wishes from in front of the castle, Franklin shot the fireworks from New Fantasyland.

Franklin hadn’t found his MB, so after the fireworks he went to City Hall to get a replacement. I headed for the FP+ viewing area for MSEP (we were seeing the second parade of the night). They weren’t letting people into the roped-off area yet, so I waited. When the CMs started to let us in, the RFID scanner malfunctioned and wouldn’t scan anyone’s band. I fumbled in my phone until I found my list of FP+ reservations and showed it to the CM, who let me into the roped off area. I told her my husband (yes, it was still a new and fun feeling saying that word aloud) would be joining me soon. She told me to point him out when he got there and she would let him in. The viewing area has a pretty cool view and the really nice thing is how uncrowded the area remains throughout the parade. No pushing and shoving, no sitting shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors. It was delightful. I also plopped my Glow with the Show ears on Franklin’s camera bag so I could watch what they did during the parade. Pretty cool!

I know I’m married to him, so you probably think I HAVE to say this, but those are the best MESP photos Franklin has ever taken!

And that’s where we’ll end yet another wonderful Disney day. We’ve got our last full day at Disney coming up and it one that was jam-packed full of fun! But first, have any of you used FP+ for any of the night time shows at Disney? What did you think of the experience?

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