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(May 2014 Trip Report) Wait, Missy Ate Sushi?!

I had just topped off a lovely afternoon with my very first massage at Senses at the Grand Floridian. And the only thing that could pull me away from that den of relaxation was my dinner plans. Luckily, dinner was just a quick monorail ride away.

I had just taken a seat in the lounge when the buzzer went off. I was seated a window table in a room just off the main dining room. My view was breathtaking.

And while the view was good, the food was even better. I ordered the pork belly nigiri and a custom sushi roll with tuna and cucumber.

This was kind of a big deal for me. I’ve always wished I liked sushi. But I was never a fan of seafood. Over the past couple of years, however, I started to try seafood more to see if I could acquire a taste for it. And that included stealing a piece of Franklin’s sushi whenever he ordered it. Low and behold, I learned I actually was starting to like raw tuna. And let me tell you, that tuna roll at California Grill was amazing! I almost finished the whole thing!

I paid the bill and stepped out on the terrace to take in the park view.

But who has time to stand there looking at the park when you could actually go to the park?!?!? I hightailed it over to Magic Kingdom for evening fun. Upon arrival I headed straight for one of my absolute favorite attractions: Haunted Mansion! (Again, these are my terrible photos and not Franklin’s)

I could hear Main Street Electrical Parade heading through Frontierland as I exited the mansion. I figured it was time to find out a spot for Wishes. I had a really early morning planned for the next day so I knew I really didn’t want get caught in a Main Street crush after the fireworks. I decided to try the train station for the first time. But first, I popped into the Confectionary for a very special dessert to take back to the resort with me.

Since I hadn’t staked out a spot very early, I was behind a row of people at the train station, but it was still a good view. Though I think any view of the castle is automatically a good view.

I ducked out just as the Maleficent part started (which is about three-quarters through the show), which allowed me to stroll out of the park without pushing and shoving my way through a crowd. I watched the finale from the bus stop, where a Boardwalk bus was just pulling up. Score! I figured we’d stick around for the fireworks crowds. But after just a few minutes, the driver closed the door and we were off to the resort with just four of us on the bus!

The crazy thing was I got back to my room 35 minutes after Wishes had started. Getting back to the resort at a decent hour meant I could enjoy my favorite dessert while watching the NBA Eastern Conference finals.

I shared my successful end to the evening with Twitter and Instagram:

Watched most of Wishes, got to bus stop for finale (as a bus pulled up). Back at BW for dessert & hoops

And then it was time for bed because I had a big, big, BIG morning planned the next day.
You will not believe the pixie dust I have coming up!


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