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(May 2014 Trip Report) 24-hour Disney Day — 1 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

We last left off with Franklin making his big arrival at Disney and I had left Magic Kingdom to meet him!

I met him back at Boardwalk and we put away his stuff. I couldn’t wait for him to see (and photograph!) our view!

As gorgeous as the scenery was, Franklin was starving! Luckily, his brilliant wife had made an ADR at Beaches and Cream for his arrival.

Hmmm, I wonder what you’re going to eat.

Just his usual, the bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate shake.

I had a hot dog.

And you’re not allowed to eat at B&C without getting ice cream. So we split a brownie sundae.

It was time for us to change into our party costumes and get to the 24-hour party! We got dressed and made our way to the bus stop, where we ran into our favorite fellow Boardwalk guests: Danielle, Jackie and Papadon! I introduced Franklin to the group and a bus arrived a few minutes later.

We got to Magic Kingdom and the park was bathed in a gorgeously warm afternoon light.

It was definitely more crowded than earlier, but not nearly the wall-to-wall people I was expecting.

We stopped for photos on Main Street. We were dressed up in Disney bounding outfits as Wall-E and Eve.

We made our way to Fantasyland, and were impressed with some of the costumes we were seeing!

Shockingly, the wait to meet the Frozen duo was just more than two hours.

It was time to check into Be Our Guest for dinner. The funniest part of all this was we had booked this dinner months before the 24-hour party was even announced, it felt very “meant to be!”

I don’t think Franklin ever gets tired of photographing the details of New Fantasyland, especially the gargoyles.

Man, I was so giddy that Franklin was finally at Disney! Yay for being reunited!

We waited about 25 minutes for a table, longer than we had waited the last couple of times we’d eaten at BOG. But, no worries, it was time to enter the castle!

We’d requested to be seated in the West Wing and our request was granted! Why do we like the West Wing so much? Well, first of all, it is SO MUCH QUIETER than the ballroom. It’s also a more cozy room and actually feels romantic.

Enough about the atmosphere, you guys are here for the food, right? I started with the French onion soup. So delicious!

Franklin started with a beer (and a healthy helping of my soup, too).

Franklin chose the shrimp and scallops for his entree, and once again, this dish didn’t disappoint.

I tried something new at BOG, the lamb chops. They were really good. The meat was cooked perfectly but my only quibble was the lamb was a smidge salty. But between the two of us, we polished off every last morsel. Yum!

The master made his rounds to greet his guests.

How about dessert, you ask? Well, we figured that we’d be in the park for the rest of the night, so we skipped dessert so we could enjoy snacks and desserts later on. I know, it’s so odd for us to turn down dessert, but it was a special night and we weren’t quite sure what Disney had in store for us! We paid the bill and we led to the study to meet the Beast himself!

On our way out of BOG, I heard someone call my name. I whirled around and it was Katt and her friend, Jenna! They were just checking in for their dinner at BOG. We chatted for a while and promptly forgot to take a photo. D’oh! I know, I know, Dismeets haven’t actually happened unless you photograph it, but you’ll have to take mine, Franklin and Katt’s word for it on this one! They went in to enjoy their dinner, while Franklin and I made our way into a much more crowded Fantasyland. Franklin needed to get his tripod for fireworks, so I offered to hang out with his camera bag so he could move more stealthily through the crowd to get to and from the lockers at the front of the park.

I camped out on the wall outside Pooh, just watching the crowds go by. There were some truly fantastic costumes that night, it was a great night for people watching! Franklin returned and set up shop in front of Mine Train for Wishes. He wanted to work MK’s newest attraction as the frame for his fireworks shots.

That’s where we’ll leave off for now. The fireworks may be over, but our night is just getting started! But first, have any of you staked out new fireworks spots in New Fantasyland?


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