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(July 2015 Trip Report) Arendelle Comes to Hollywood

It’s time for another day of Frozen Summer Fun and we were up in time for rope drop-ish. Okay, we got there a little after rope drop, but it’s probably as close to rope drop as we get anymore. Hehe. Despite the storm clouds, it hadn’t rained yet and the Friendship Boats were running, so we hopped aboard.

This is easily the most picturesque way to travel at Disney.

The upside to arriving after rope drop — the crowd had already dispersed!

There was really one focus for the day: Frozen Summer Fun!

We stopped to caffeinate.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell the Mouse I had a Butterbeer latte at Hollywood Studios.

We took a quick photo on Hollywood Blvd. But we couldn’t stop long…

…because we were heading for the first Frozen Singalong of the day.

I’m not going to lie, Kristoff’s dimples make me swoon.

A fabulous (and musical) time was had by all, and we got out just in time to head for the Frozen dessert party preferred seating area for the Frozen processional. The weather was starting to look bleak.

We crossed our fingers the rain would hold off until after the parade. We weren’t alone for the parade, we met up with my dear friend Nicki and her sister and adorable nephews!

The cast members said they were going to try to have the parade run, but it might be abbreviated to get the whole thing in before the skies opened up.

The parade was okay. Franklin had positioned himself to shoot photos of the area where the characters typically come down off their floats to greet guests in the preferred seating area. But since the  parade was shortened, none of the floats stopped.

A manager came over to Franklin after the parade ended to ask if he got any good shots. He said he’d gotten some, but he was a bit bummed he’d picked that spot without knowing the floats weren’t going to stop. They had a a long chat and the manager offered to let us come back the next day for parade and have us sit in the preferred area again so Franklin could get better photos! That was completely unexpected and incredibly kind of her!

We had planned to watch Olaf’s stage show after the parade, but the skies finally opened up. Right on us, soaking us to the bone before we headed for lunch.

The rain never bothered me… anyway? #dhs #disneydownpour #noolafshow #earlylunch

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That made for a chilly lunch, but nothing warms you up like comfort food. Welcome to 50s Primetime Cafe.

We split everything: an order of onion rings, the fried chicken platter and a side of macaroni and cheese.

The rain had let up by the time we’d finished lunch and the sun was even starting to peek through the clouds. And it was hot. Brutally hot. So was it any wonder that we decided to take a park break?

I mean, we were staying in the land of Stormalong Bay, after all.

And this was how we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Nothing like a refreshing dip in Stormalong Bay! #bc #epcotresorts #pooltime #beachclub

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Pretty awesome, right? That’s where we’ll end this chapter, but stay tuned because there’s (wait for it) more Frozen fun ahead!

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One thought on “(July 2015 Trip Report) Arendelle Comes to Hollywood

  1. Still getting the hang of reading a trip report blog-style. I’ll have to go back to see if I missed any installments.

    What a fun plan for a Frozen morning. Too bad about the impending storm changing the parade plan but that is fabulous that the CM will let you come back.

    UGH on getting rained on! I can barely stand the air conditioning at the restaurants in the summer so I can only imagine that it was miserable when you were all wet. And then stepping out into the furnace of the day.

    Stormalong Bay sounds like a great plan to me! Love the photos, especially the floaty selfie.

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