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(July 2015 Trip Report) A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone

We  last left off sitting at the Beach Club bus stop, watching the rain fall as we waited for a bus to Magic Kingdom.

Two Animal Kingdom, one Downtown Disney and a DHS bus later, our chariot arrived. We hopped aboard and set off for the park.

It poured the whole way there and was still pouring when we reached the MK bus stop. So we stopped to put on our ponchos before walking to the gate. And then, as if on cue, the rain just stopped. Hooray!

I had to stop in City Hall to buy a new Tables in Wonderland card…

… while Franklin hung out in Town Square.

Marie was meeting under the canopy outside The Emporium, so we hopped in line. We only waited about 15 minutes to see her. There was the cutest little girl in front of us and she was showing us her autograph book, explaining each of the princesses and characters she’d met. It was adorable!

As we wandered up Main Street, we heard the sweet sounds of the Dapper Dans coming out of Main Street Jeweler. Apparently, this is their rainy-day location.

After they were finished, I asked if I could grab a photo with them Hijinks ensued.

It was oddly crowded given how hard it had been raining, but I guess that’s summertime at Disney for you.

Some of you know about my love affair with The Plaza Gardens at Magic Kingdom. So is any wonder that within an hour of arriving at the park, I made a beeline for my garden?

I laid out the extra poncho we’d brought and settled in to stare at the castle and wait for Festival of Fantasy to begin.

As the music began, we could see the first float in the distance.

I may or may not have called out to Flynn and he noticed!

Punzy and I enjoyed his smolder.

There was a Photopass photographer hanging out in the garden, too. He snapped a few photos of Franklin in his natural habitat.

And even a couple of me!

It was time to get our ride on. So we crossed through the hub and headed for Liberty Square. I know the new turrets for the castle will look amazing eventually, but the giant boxes are not a good look right now.

We had a choice: Ride another couple of rides or leave the park early and stop at Trader Sam’s before dinner.

Um, hi. Trader Sam’s.

So we made our way out of the park. We stopped as we came through Liberty Square, neither of us had ever noticed this view before. Did Disney trim the trees back or something?

The resort monorail was just heading out of the station when we walked out of the Magic Kingdom gates and there was a boat pulling in. The boat it is!

That big transportation decision is where we’ll leave this for now. But stay tuned because we have a fantastic happy hour and dinner coming up at the Polynesian!


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One thought on “(July 2015 Trip Report) A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone

  1. OK, caught up on your arrival at BCV (YAY!), your lunch at B&C and your Magic Kingdom afternoon.

    Love the pictures of the villa and your view. Glad to hear the room was in relatively good shape.

    You know, I had a reservation to eat (solo) at Beaches & Cream for my trip in August. The tomato soup and grilled cheese is on my to-do list.

    And I cancelled it 🙁

    Instead, I ate at bluezoo with my monkey friends. My first signature. But alas, still no meal from B&C!!!

    Great parade photos (including the photopass ones of each of you), but I am BLOWN AWAY at the HM shots.

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