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Fireworks Testing at Magic Kingdom Shows ‘Happily Ever After” Could be BIG


We’re less than 10 days out from the final showing of beloved Magic Kingdom fireworks show “Wishes” and the Disney debut of the park’s newest show “Happily Ever After.” 

Art of the new “Happily Ever After show/ (Courtesy of Disney)

It’s been 14 years since the nightly show at Walt Disney World’s signature park got an overhaul and Disney isn’t just replacing one fireworks show with another. The new “Happily Ever After” will blend castle projections, fireworks and lighting effects with an all-new score. 

The addition of the full-scale castle projections, previously seen in the “Celebrate the Magic” and “Once Upon a Time” shows, left some park observers worried that the fireworks in “Happily Ever After” would be scaled way back.

But if Tuesday night’s testing was any indication, Disney Parks fans are in for a truly spectacular show. 

The new show is expected to last about 16 minutes and the testing showed fireworks throughout that time. There appear to be new shapes, clusters of really big bursts and a plethora of colorful pyro that frame the castle.

A few more smaller snippets, if you don’t have time to watch the full thing.

Seeing the large scale of the pyro for the show makes me even more excited to see the finished product. There’s so much to look forward to in this project:

The new hand-drawn animation being produced for the projections…

… the lighting effects look as impressive…

… and the new music and theme song appear to be truly incredible.

I know we’ll all be very sad to bid adieu to “Wishes,” but Disney appears to have something truly delightful up its sleeve, and I cannot wait to see it!

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