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(December 2014 Trip Report) Ready to Ride!

Everyone woke up totally refreshed and our destination for the day wasn’t too far away: Epcot! It was a perfectly crisp and beautiful morning.

The Christmas decor was amazing!

There was really only one place our cars-loving crew was going to start their morning.

We took Tanner to look at the cars first, he loved it.

Auntie Missy and Uncle Franklin may have bought him a new Lightning McQueen (and Mater) in the gift shop.

We couldn’t wait any longer, it was time for Tanner’s first ride on Test Track!

Girls’ car.

Boys’ car.

Tanner was excited (though a bit apprehensive). But he was definitely going to ride!

As we got off the ride, Tanner was jumping up and down. He loved it! The cast member working near where we got out of the car asked Tanner for a high five and we told him this was Tanner’s first ride on Test Track and his first thrill ride. He asked Tanner if he liked it. Tanner’s response?


The CM yelled over to another CM and sent us back toward the stairs near the exit. He was going to let us ride again! Such a pixie dust moment!

Tanner “drove” the car this time, since he was a pro. It was adorable.

So Tanner, how were your first rides on Test Track?

“Awesome Auntie ‘Issy.”

We made our way across the park, we had a FP+ reservation to use!

Tanner was starting to get tired, we could tell as we waited in the Fastpass+ queue.

We asked for Row B1 and got it!

Those eyes are looking heavy, buddy.

Okay, let’s review: that is seat, seatbelt, carry-on items, safety strap, fear of heights, keep your hands and arms inside at all times—anything else…? Oh yeah, have a nice flight!

Well, as soon as we got into the seats, Tanner lost it. He didn’t want to ride and let us know it at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to ride, it was just mid-morning and he was clearly ready for a nap, so Lala took him to the exit while Franklin, Keith and I rode. (The CM gave Lala a rider swap pass so she could come back later to ride, it was very kind of her.)

Soarin’ to tower, we’re ready for takeoff. Okay, just one selfie and then we’re ready for takeoff.

If anyone is needing a bit of a Soarin’ break from themselves, Franklin’s Soarin’ video is definitely worth your time. Make sure to peel an orange, first!

When we found Lala outside, Tanner was fast asleep in the stroller. She said he’d barely made it into the stroller before he was out. Everyone was jonesing for one more ride on Test Track before we headed to the World Showcase for lunch. I volunteered to hang with Tanner while the other three rode.

With Tanner still nicely tucked into the stroller, we took our time wandering back to the World Showcase.

We made it to our destination: Via Napoli. Who’s ready for pizza?

We started with calamari, arancini and mozzarella caprese.

Franklin and I split our usual, a quattro formaggi pizza with spicy Italian sausage.

Keith and Lala enjoyed a pepperoni  pizza and Tanner had a cheese pizza all to himself.

Even though we were too full to even look at any other food, they brought out a birthday dessert for Keith.

We’ve never been disappointed and Via Napoli continues to be one of our Disney favorites. The fun thing is, the same restaurant group that owns Via Napoli, opened basically the same restaurant in the D.C. area. It’s our own little taste of Disney at home. And the crazy part is not only is the menu the same, the food tastes exactly the same too!

Back to December, it was such a lovely day out, we couldn’t help but enjoy our time in the World Showcase.

The boys wanted beer, so we went to Germany.

And all the walking made us kind of, sort of ready for something sweet.  And there’s only really one place for something sweet at Epcot, France!

A chocolate croissant…

… and macaroons for everyone!

It was getting late and Franklin and I had BIG plans for dinner. So it was time to make our way back to Boardwalk.

ESPN had set up shop on the Boardwalk to broadcast its annual college football awards.

But instead of trying to find Nick Saban, we headed up to the villa for all the grown-ups to take a much needed nap. Those worthwhile zzzzzzz’s are where we’ll end for now, but stay tuned because there is a spectacular Disney meal to end all Disney meals coming up. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this.


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2 thoughts on “(December 2014 Trip Report) Ready to Ride!

  1. You had an awesome visit to EPCOT. Yay on Tanner’s first and second ride on Test Track. What a great CM to greenlight you guys through again. Sorry the pixie dust did not last until Soarin’ I’m assuming that was going to be his first time on the ride? Your lunch at Via Napoli looked fabulous. All the reviews I read from there are great, but we still haven’t been yet.

    Beautiful photos capturing your day, but I especially love the one just before Tanner rides TT.

  2. Ok that video of Soarin is the best quality video of Soarin’ I’ve ever seen!! Thanks so much for sharing! I love that ride so much and it’s such a great way to de-stress this crazy busy time of year, watching the video and imagining I’m at EPCOT riding Soarin’!

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