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December 2014 Trip Report: A Morning With the Classics

After that absolutely incredible dinner at Victoria and Albert’s, Franklin and I were thrilled to sleep in. We had nothing planned except a late breakfast at Crystal Palace. We valet parked at the Contemporary and walked over to Magic Kingdom.

Tanner was ready for a new day — and that vest was the cutest piece of Disney clothing I’d ever seen!

I love late breakfasts for character meals, they’re less crowded, less hectic — and, as was the case on this morning, we got all the breakfast food we wanted and a little bit of lunch!

Who’s ready for the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood? This guy.

Tigger was the only one Tanner wasn’t quite sure about. Too bouncy, I think.

There’s nothing on this Earth that Tanner loves more than cars, and we couldn’t wait for him to ride Tomorrowland Speedway. And he got to drive!

After driving in circles, why not spin in circles?

Then my It’s a Small World bow and I were ready to cruise around the world.


Our day then took a creepy turn…

Next, it was time to add a little Jingle to our Jungle Cruise.

A spin through all those Magic Kingdom classics ate up a good chunk of the afternoon. And it worked up quite an appetite, so it seemed like the perfect time to grab a snack and a spot for Festival of Fantasy. We covered all our Disney snack bases — Mickey pretzel and churro…

… two types of Mickey-shaped ice cream …

… and popcorn.

We set up shop in Frontierland, though Tanner was sick of his personal paparazzi by then.

We said "Smile Tanner!" He did a 180 and turned away from the camera.

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The Frontierland Band came by while we waited.

This has become our go-to spot to watch the parade, it’s less crowded than Main Street and you get the parade first, so you can move onto other things while the crowds are still at the front of the park.

Tanner loved the parade! He waved to the characters and loved the dancers who waved back at him.

Cutest kiss ever!

We had time for one more ride before dinner. So we made it the wiiiiiiiiiildest ride in the willlllllderness!

Tanner was more tired than any of us realized and as soon as we got to the train, he lost it. He screamed he didn’t want to ride. So Lala took him out the exit while Keith, Franklin and I rode.

The cast member at Big Thunder Mountain had given Lala a rider swap pass as she left with Tanner, which was so sweet! So I hung out with Tanner while the three of them went on. Did I mention he’d barely made it to the stroller before passing out cold?

With our cutest traveler all cozied up, we’ll end things for now. But stay tuned, because we have our second character meal of the day coming up and a VERY festive evening!

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