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(December 2014 Trip Report) Lighting Up the Night

We last left off with a first ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and a big meet and greet with Arendelle royalty.

We wanted to get Tanner on a tamer ride next, just so he could experience something a little more low-key. Little Mermaid would do. As we were about to walk into the queue Tanner asked: “Is this a roller coaster?” We promised him it wasn’t, and he believed us.

Maybe this is why people argue Disney should have at least camouflaged the ceiling a little bit on this attraction.

Tanner was enthralled. He kept waving at all the characters as he went by.

He was less of a fan of the Ursula section, it was a bit dark for him.

We came out of the attraction and took a moment to regroup. We had time to kill before our Main Street Electrical FP+ reservations opened, so we headed toward Storybook Circus. Dumbo’s wait was about 20 minutes, but Tanner was looking awfully sleepy in his stroller. Lala and Keith decided it had been a long day and they were going to take him back to the resort so he could get some sleep. They headed back and Franklin and I went in search of a place to hang out for a bit. We found it at Cheshire Cat Cafe. It felt really good to put my feet up and just flip through Franklin’s photos for a bit. Though we didn’t take our respite quite as far as this young guest.

Now THAT is the hallmark of a good day. Before we knew it, it was time to check in for MSEP. We headed across the bridge and stopped for a moment to take in this beautiful sight.

It was crazy crowded at the park that night. Wall-to-wall people. I was really thankful to have a FP+ reservation for the parade that night, otherwise, we’d probably have left because it was too crowded to find a spot to watch from.

Also, without the FP+ reservation, Franklin wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take what is one of his favorite photos he’s ever taken at Disney.

And on with the show — er — parade!

Anastasia and Drizella were hilarious, they even had Prince Charming laughing. And yes, that’s Anastasia holding her leg straight up in the air in front of the prince.

The Lost Boys had a field day playing to Franklin’s camera and our GoPro.

A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America. Check that, it’s really only about America.

When the parade ended, we made (actually pushed) our way through the crowd to move farther back on Main Street for Celebrate the Magic and Wishes.

The winter/holiday addition to CTM was beautiful!

Though the “candy coated castle” scene made me hyperventilate a little — it looked much too much like the cake castle of the late-90s.

Franklin changed over all his settings from CTM to the fireworks. But things didn’t go as smoothly as it normally does. The autofocus stayed on from the previous show, which was throwing off the fireworks focus. To remedy this, he had to take the camera off the tripod, the filter off the camera, refocus, place the filter back on the camera and the camera back on the tripod. That was the long-winded way of explaining why he considers this set of fireworks photos his “practice round” of this trip.

Did we mention it was crowded? The masses of humanity streaming up Main Street after the fireworks ended was unreal. We were tired, but not tired enough to brave that kind of crowd trying to get to the buses. Solution? A snack break. My favorite snack, to be exact. Corndog nuggets from Casey’s!

It was a nice moment to sit back, relax and realize how happy we both were to be at Disney again. Our bus ride home was entirely uneventful. And a mere 21 hours after we had woken up that morning, we climbed into bed. That’s where we’ll end for now, but our stay at Universal is up next!


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