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(December 2014 Trip Report) Let’s Go to the Clubhouse

After a late-night at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas, we planned for a lazy morning. We slept in, watched classic Disney cartoons and didn’t leave the villa a moment before we needed to. Who’s ready for Hollywood Studios?

Clearly, Tanner is!

He had reason to be excited, we were headed for Hollywood and Vine for the Disney Junior breakfast!

This kid was GRINNING.

From the moment he walked in and saw the characters walking around, he couldn’t stop tracking them. No matter how much we promised him they would come over to see him.

Handy Manny approached first.

He was a little unsure of the giant character at first.

But he warmed up really quickly.

Our waitress told us it would be a bit before the other characters came our way, so it was a good time to head for the buffet.

Tanner was carb-loading for his day at the park.

The rest of us had more varied plates.

Doc McStuffins came by next.

Jake swung by.

And he was up for adventure.

Manny made a second trip to see us.

It was time for the dance party…

… and the parade!

Sofia made a post-parade visit to our table. Tanner was in LOVE.

Seriously, it was the cutest. There was a lot of giggling involved.

Our waitress said they had started putting out the lunch food, so we tried a few things. This lobster mac and cheese was legit.

The salmon was just meh, the barbecue chicken was incredible and the ravioli was pretty good.

Overall we really enjoyed breakfast. The food was pretty good, the character interaction was great. A fantastic choice for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set.

After breakfast, we had a must-do. Re-create one of our favorite photos from Tanner’s first Disney trip. He was so little then.

I worry that the next time we take this photo, Tanner will officially be taller than me!

It was a very giggly photo shoot.

The other big to-do on our list that day was meeting Baymax. Tanner is a BIG “Big Hero 6” fan. He geeked out just on the queue alone. Here’s Tanner as Go-Go.

Tanner with his girlfriend Honey Lemon.

And him roaring like Fred.

The line for Baymax wasn’t short and mere minutes after we got in line, Baymax and Hiro had to take a break. So I stayed in line for Baymax while the rest of the crew went to meet The Incredibles.

Frozen noticed Tanner’s Baymax shirt.

Mr. Incredible went to find Baymax for Tanner.

Since Baymax was nowhere in sight, so Mr. Incredible did his best Baymax walk for Tanner.

Now it was time to take real pictures, so Frozone and Mr. Incredible did their best Tanner pose.

Frozone taught Tanner how to throw ice because…

…everyone’s a superhero!

Even Mommy and Daddy!

The crew met me back at the Baymax line, because it was almost time for our big meet!

Tanner thought Hiro was okay.

But, man, did he love Baymax.

And Franklin couldn’t possibly leave this M&G without doing a fistbump. Ba-la-la-la-la!

We had FP+ reservations for Toy Story Mania burning a hole in our pockets, off to Andy’s room!

No, Tanner, I don’t think that’s where you wear the glasses. Hehe.

In a shock to no one, Franklin beat everyone.

It was time to take a trip to visit our favorite friends in Arendelle.

Tanner was loving every minute of the show.

Everyone had so much fun singing along. And that Frozen fun is where we’ll end this amazing afternoon at Hollywood Studios. But stay tuned because we have a fun character dinner coming up!


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