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(December 2014 Trip Report) It’s Snowing on Main Street

Holiday Wishes had just ended and Main Street looked just beautiful with all the Christmas decor.

Before we knew it, it was time for Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. And, yes, Tanner was still asleep. Luckily Uncle Franklin took video of the parade so he could watch the whole thing over and over at home.

Time for some Arendelle royalty! Hi Anna! Hi Elsa!

It may not have been Summer, but Olaf seemed pretty happy.

Kristoff was cute…

… but HE-LLO Oaken!

I’m not going to lie, the Goofy Candy Co. float made me ache for the Boo to You parade.

I loved Snow White’s dress, it was exquisite.

Cindy and Charming made their way through next.

Then came all the princesses. All. The. Princesses.

The elves came through…

… and they took an “elfie.” Hahahahaha.

Since Tanner was still zonked out in the stroller, Keith and Lala headed back to the resort. Franklin and I stuck around the party. We stopped by the castle stage show.

We made our way back to a very quiet Frontierland.

They had already closed the line for Jasmine and Genie (boo!).

So we popped into the Frontierland Holiday Hootenanny.

Yes, it was that empty. No crowds = GREAT character interaction.

By the way, Clara could get down.

We were the last guests at the dance party, so we got the mother of all dance party photos.

Franklin couldn’t help but snap a billion photos of the holiday park all lit up (and totally empty).

Meanwhile, I was having my own photo shoot on Main Street.

I even dragged Franklin in for one.

We saw them about to roll the giant ornament photo op away, so we ran over for a pic.

We slowly made our way up Main Street.

It had been a truly fantastic night and we even had a chariot waiting to whisk us back to Boardwalk.

And with that last ride, we called it a night. Stay tuned because even after all that party fun, we had a big day at Hollywood Studios in store next!


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