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(December 2014 Trip Report) Foodie Heaven

One of our very favorite things about our Disney honeymoon in October 2013 was our dinner at Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian. You can read all about that fabulous meal here.

Our first anniversary was in October 2014, and while we had a lovely meal at the restaurant that is located in the museum where we got married

… Our “real” anniversary meal was going to be back at Victoria and Albert’s. Only this time, we were dining in the Queen Victoria room. There are only four tables in there and everyone gets the same 10-course dinner as the chef’s table. We. Could. Not. Wait.

We were greeted by Israel, the most amazing host at Disney. And he remembered us from the previous year, which was so kind of him!

We were the second party to arrive (they stagger the reservations in the room so no two parties are at the same point of their meal at the same time). Turns out, there was good reason to leave the first couple alone for a few minutes, he proposed! And she said yes! We were so happy for them!

We started with a champagne toast.

I don’t care if you’ve eaten there before, you get goosebumps every single time. Every time.

The waiter explained how the menu worked and how the meal would go.

First came the wine. Now we both love wine. But a glass of wine with each of 10 courses seemed like a bit much, even for us. So we split a wine pairing and each had a glass with five courses.

It was time for food to begin and nothing could have started this meal better than the amuse bouche: Maine lobster jar with vanilla sauce and Siberian Osetra Caviar.

The vanilla perfectly wove together the lobster and caviar, I’d never had anything like it and it was also the largest amuse bouche I’d ever seen. Not that I was complaining. And sipping the champagne while eating this dish was just divine.

This was the first of the bread courses, a perfectly crusty roll with salted butter.

Next came Sumac Crusted Tuna with Black Radish Slaw.

Now, many of you know that because of my Crohn’s Disease, I can’t have very much when it comes to fruits and vegetables. But with special meals like this one, I make it a point to try at least a bite of as much as I can. The Watermelon Radish in the slaw was incredible and it perfectly complemented the tuna.

Our first glass of wine came out, it was a deliciously crisp Riesling.

Now the next course was a bit of a show. The waiters told Franklin to have his camera ready and the snap quickly.

The glass-covered dish — hot “smoked” Niman Ranch lamb with Fuji apple and curry dressing — came out filled with smoke.

With a flourish, the waiter removed the glass, allowing the smoke to escape in a beautiful plume.

We were left with the most delectable, tasty morsels of lamb I’d ever tasted. I’m not even a curry fan, but loved the flavor combination of the smoke, lamb, apples and curry.

Our next course was Fennel Crusted Nantucket Scallops in a Salt Bowl. The salt bowl was really cool, it added enough salt to make the scallops tasty, without them feeling overly salted.

Next came my absolute favorite bread course. It was a buttery truffle bread with a side of truffle butter. I could have made an entire meal out of this bread, it was incredible. Then again, almost anything with truffles is.

A lovely pinot noir came out next, a light and easy way to transition from whites to reds.

Our next course was easily the most playful and creative. It was the chef’s take on the chicken and the egg — poached chicken egg with corn foam.

The egg was poached to perfection. Though, truth be told, I enjoyed the flavor of the sweet corn that sat below the egg more than I did the foam.

Next came the Marcho Farms Veal, with carrots, peas and black trumpets.

The veal was perfectly cooked and extremely delicious. The presentation, especially with all the vegetable colors, was top notch.

A glass of Bordeaux came out next, and it was by far my favorite wine of the evening. Full bodied, without overpowering the food. It was delicious (and the waiter even brought me a little more since I enjoyed it so much!)

The final bread course was a whole-grain harvest roll, which sadly I couldn’t eat.

So I got another slice of the truffle bread, instead!

It was time for the beef course and on the menu was Kobe beef. There was an up-charge option for Wagu beef in addition to the Kobe beef, which Franklin happily chose. He was in carnivore heaven.

The Kobe beef barely needed a knife and the Wagu beef melted in your mouth. Both were excellent. I liked the Kobe beef flavor a bit more, while Franklin loved the Wagu beef.

The potato-turnip gratin that accompanied the dish was also delightful.

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly eat another bite, they roll out the cheese cart. And who can say no to cheese?

It was beautifully presented and the taste equally matched the presentation.

Next came my favorite part of the meal: the hot tea. I was beyond excited because I loved the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tea I’d drank on my last visit to V&A’s. (So much so that I found out you can order any of the teas served at the Grand Floridian at

Why just brew a typical pot of tea, when you can make it a brewing show?

The fruit course was next and included Pear Quark Mousse and a sugar-dipped hazelnut.

Franklin wasn’t exactly sure how to attack the hazelnut, but he gave it his best shot.

I, meanwhile, blissfully enjoyed my pomegranate tea while tasting the pear mousse.

Then came the actual dessert course: a chocolate lover’s dream! Peruvian Chocolate Timbale with Roasted White Chocolate Gelato. And yes, those are gold flakes sprinkled on top.

The timbale was really, really rich. But enjoying a bit of the white chocolate gelato with it helped trim the richness a bit.

There was just one course remaining, the handmade candies and truffles. We were too full to eat, but the waiter insisted we each try one and he’d box up the rest for us.

Nearly four hours and 10 courses later, our evening was over. It was worth every last penny and just may be the best meal we’ve ever had. It’s not an every-trip kind of thing. But for special occasions, we will definitely be back.

We bid adieu to the Queen Vic room…

… and to V&A’s.

We couldn’t leave without one photo in front of that gorgeous tree in the GF lobby.

It was a perfect night and that perfect moment in the almost-deserted lobby is where we’ll end things for now. But stay tuned, we’ve got a magical morning at Magic Kingdom coming  up!

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3 thoughts on “(December 2014 Trip Report) Foodie Heaven

  1. wow, what a meal! That truffle bread really is pretty incredible

    That’s cool that the upcharge is the wagu along with the kobe – neat to try them side by side

    We had gotten coffee there that used the same machine as your tea was brewed in and it was probably the best cup of coffee I have ever had!

  2. Does the menu change every night? I’ve been looking for reviews as I wait for the 180 day mark to book it, and I read another review of a group at the Chef’s Table that had virtually the same meal. A coincidence?

    • It doesn’t change daily, probably closer to every few weeks. Though they do mix different courses back in from time to time. We’ve had people say “I had that XX dish at V&A’s when I ate there a couple of years ago.”

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