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(December 2014 Trip Report) Be Our Party Guest

After a few pre-party rides, we were pretty hungry. Luckily for us, it was time to check in for dinner!

We had just gotten to the bridge to wait, when our pager went off.

This was a first for Franklin and I, we were going to eat in the ballroom!

The Christmas decorations were beautiful, truly spectacular.

Everyone ordered drinks.

Franklin started with mussels.

I had the onion soup. When the chef came out to ask about my requests (I have Crohn’s Disease and can’t have fruits and vegetables), he offered to strain the onions out of my soup so only the broth and cheese were left. I’ve never had that, it was perfect for me.

Tanner had the grilled cheese.

Keith and Lala had the steak.

While Franklin and I had the lamb.

I don’t even remember why Tanner ended up with Lala’s scarf on, but it sure made for a cute picture.

Keith got the gray stuff and a birthday card from the castle’s master.

Lala ordered an eclair…

… and clearly hated it.

Keith had the lemon meringue cupcake, so tasty!

Beast made his way into the ballroom to greet his guests, just as we were finishing.

It was getting late, so I left to go get in line for the Seven Dwarfs. The rest of the crew paid the check and went to visit the Beast in his study.

We had one last set of FP+ reservations before the party started, so Franklin, Keith Lala and Tanner headed for Neverland.

Meanwhile, I was waiting in the best party line ever with my friend Sarah! It was so cool to finally meet up in person and we spent the whole time chatting away. The time just flew by!

Before joining me in line, Franklin, Keith Lala and Tanner stopped by the snacks station for hot chocolate and cookies.

Now all we had to do was wait for the stars of the show to arrive.

And arrive they did at 6:50 p.m.

We were through the line by 7 p.m., time for the official party to begin! With our big character meet and greet out of the way, we were ready for the rest of the party festivities. Stay tuned because we have so much more holiday fun coming up!


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