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Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast — A Royally Fun Character Meal

There’s a new character meal in town — the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Boardwalk’s Trattoria al Forno. The meal features two of your favorite royal couples, Ariel and Eric from the “Little Mermaid,” and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from “Tangled.”

Trattoria was an a la carte restaurant all day, but recently switched to a prix fixe breakfast for the character meal ($34 per adult and $20 per child). Breakfast service begins at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 11 a.m.

Check-in at Trattoria is pretty easy, if there’s a wait of more than a few minutes for your table, they’ll take your cellphone number and text you when the table is ready.

The restaurant’s decor doesn’t “scream” character meal, but it works when you think about what a village restaurant might look like in one of your beloved princess stories. Once you’re seated, your server will bring a frying pan — yes a frying pan (who knew?) — full of delicious pastries.

The star of the pastry basket is the “Tangled” sun pastry — a flaky, sugary concoction that goes perfectly with your morning coffee. Rapunzel gets another nod with the braided chocolate bread, which looks just like Punzy’s hair.

There’s a clamshell pastry with a raspberry filling, a blueberry muffin and a brightly colored muffin that was flavored with vanilla. Love any of the pastries? Your server will bring you more. But don’t fill up on bread, there’s LOTS of food still to come.

At each seat, lies a card with all four characters’ signatures. Don’t worry, all four characters will sign for you when they arrive at your table, too!

There’s also a travel journal where the youngest voyagers (or just the young at heart) can record their adventures.

Each breakfast comes with a choice of a yogurt parfait or a fruit bowl.

The parfait is filled with yogurt, granola, fruit and a thin layer of honey. A delightfully refreshing and filling addition to breakfast.

The fruit bowl has cantaloupe, melon, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. There’s also a small plastic sword and a cookie in the shape of a crown. The fruit is definitely the lighter option, but it’s very sweet and very tasty. I was surprised by the variety of fruit in the bowl.

Each person picks an entree. Here’s the adult menu:

King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno — Calzone with Soppressata, Bacon, Sausage, Blend of Cheeses, and Sunday Gravy

Two Eggs Poached Underwater — House-made Fennel Sausage, Sunday Gravy, and Parmesan Cheese over Golden Polenta with Toasted Focaccia

Royale Breakfast — Oak-grilled steak, cheesy egg torte and fonduta, crispy onions and roasted potatoes

Golden Frittata — Prosciutto di Parma, piquillo pepper, scallion, and pecorino romano cheese with roasted potatoes

Tangled Eggs — Fresh mozzarella, tomato-basil scrambled eggs, and sunday gravy with roasted potatoes and bacon or sausage

Tower of Pancakes — Fluffy buttermilk pancakes and seasonal fruit compote with bacon or sausage

Swimmers Delight — Egg white omelet with smoked salmon, goat cheese, spinach, mushroom, and tomato with roasted potatoes

Here’s the children’s menu:

Little Royale Breakfast — Grilled steak, scrambled egg substitute and fresh fruit served with choice of lowfat Milk or bottled water. 

Lil’ Swimmers Delight — Egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes served with potatoes and choice of lowfat milk or bottled water. 

Flounder’s Flapjacks — with bacon or sausage and fresh fruit served with choice of lowfat milk, bottled water or apple juice

Mickey Waffle — with bacon or sausage and fresh fruit served with choice of lowfat milk, bottled water or apple juice

Lots of people have asked if the kid’s meals are enough food. If your child eats the pastries, yogurt or fruit, it is more than enough food. If they will only eat the entrees, it might be a light meal for them. But the servers would likely bring them more of anything if they’re still hungry.

Franklin had the poached eggs.

He wasn’t a fan of the marinara sauce with the meal and didn’t love the polenta, either. But he says the eggs were poached very well.

I had the tower of pancakes (with the berry compote on the side).

I mean, how cute is the sun symbol on the pancakes?!?!

I had a hard time deciding between the pancakes and the scrambled eggs, so I asked if I could get a side order of eggs and my server said it was no problem. I’d ordered sausage with my pancakes, but the plate came out with bacon. So they just brought an extra plate of sausage for me too.

The pancakes were very thick (and a little dry) but still good, the consitency was perfect to dip into the berry compote. 

Flynn was the first character to arrive at our table.

He wasn’t afraid to bring the smolder.

And he’s got a surprise in his satchel.

The love of Flynn’s life, Rapunzel, was up next. She was bubbly and so much fun!

The next guest was legitamitely someone I’ve wanted to meet since I was 8 years old. Prince Eric!


He was adorably charming, and very chatty!

Our favorite mermaid was the last to arrive and she was very much worth the wait. 

She called me a sparkly guppy because of my ears and said the fish in the middle of my ears was funny-looking (it was Pascal from “Tangled”).

We really enjoyed this breakfast. The food was good (though not perfect), with lots of variety to choose from and the fruit/yogurt/pastries early courses made for a very filling meal. We had the BEST service from our server, the managers and the character attendant. The character interaction was absolutely fantastic, among our favorite of any character meal we’ve tried. And I’m always a fan of a character meal that isn’t a buffet — having the food brought to you makes for a much more laid-back experience. 

So many of the character meals can feel repetative at Disney World, but this one sets itself apart with a couple of characters you can’t often meet elsewhere and a wide menu that’s sure to please picky eaters as well as foodies. We liked it so much, we’ve already signed up for a second Bon Voyage Adventure!

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