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(August 2015 Trip Report) Introductions

It’s time for another trip report from Missy and Franklin! This one is VERY different than all our others, it’s our first trip to Disneyland!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start with our own introductions first (for those who may not know us, or anyone who just plain forgot who we are).

That’s me on the left. I’m Missy, the 33-year-old Disney-aholic. To fund my Disney habit, I work as an editor in the sports department of a newspaper in Washington D.C. I love all things sports, pop culture and, of course, The Mouse. My favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse. My favorite Disneyland ride is Haunted Mansion. And my favorite Disneyland snack? Corn dogs.

My partner in crime (and my loving husband!) is Franklin. He is also 33 and works for an architecture firm to pay the Disney bills. His passions are cars (both the lower-cased cars and the movie “Cars”) and photography. Guido from “Cars” is his favorite Disney character. And he’s never fallen as hard and as fast for attraction as he did Radiator Springs Racers.

Now that you know the who, let’s give you the rest of the trip data:

When: August 13-18

Where: Hilton Anaheim

Why: Our very first D23 Expo and trip to Disneyland!

And like all of my previous trip reports, I’ll make you this promise: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but mainly, you’ll wish you were in Anaheim RIGHT NOW!


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