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(August 2014 Trip Report) ‘Ohana Bread Pudding and Frozen Fireworks

We last left off with Franklin, Chelsea and I dead asleep in naps after a really fun (and brutally hot) morning at Epcot. You might remember from the last chapter that Franklin and I had warned everyone to not over-eat at Via Napoli at lunch because we had a big dinner ahead at ‘Ohana… and no one listened to us (I can’t really blame them too much, though, Via Napoli’s food is just that good!)

My cellphone woke me from my slumber, it was Dad. He and Michelle were still really full from lunch and he wanted to know if we could cancel dinner.

Me: No, Dad. They’ll charge us $10 per person if we cancel.

Dad: Can we make it a later reservation?

Me: No, Dad. This restaurant booked up six months ago, there’s no wiggle room in the reservation time.

I offered to let him and Michelle skip dinner and Franklin, Chelsea and I could go (skipping ‘Ohana was never going to happen for Franklin and I, we love it too much!), but Dad said they’d go (grudgingly).

We got to ‘Ohana about 10 minutes before our ADR and waited in the construction-rimmed ‘Ohana waiting area. Though I will say that the giant white wall in the middle of the lobby had been painted a more Poly-friendly shade since May and they had hung really beautiful renderings of what the Grand Ceremonial House would eventually look like.

Also, the scrims with foliage printed on them to hide the pool construction kind of cracked me up.

We were seated about 20 minutes past our ADR time and the ‘Ohana newbies got, er, lei-ed.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked that Franklin ordered a Lapu Lapu? No? None of you? Gah, we might be becoming predictable.

The food quickly arrived by the boatful.

Chelsea is a vegetarian, and I’d never seen the ‘Ohana vegetarian options, but they were seriously plentiful.
She had wonton chips with three different dips.

And a tofu stir-fry.

Us carnivores enjoyed the usual suspects.

Franklin and I agreed it was the best pork we’d had at ‘Ohana in years. And we didn’t miss the chicken one bit.

And although we were all pretty stuffed already, we couldn’t possibly let one morsel of the bread pudding go to waste.

The dessert was such a hit that we made it for Thanksgiving dessert! We paid the bill and rolled ourselves outside to get the car. Who liked their first trip to ‘Ohana?

Smiles all around! We couldn’t linger at the Poly though, we had a very important (and chilly) date waiting for us. What time was it?

It was time for me FINALLY get to see the Frozen fireworks in person. Look, I know there are plenty of people who are sick of Frozen already. But I’m not, I love the movie. I don’t know what it is, but that movie just clicked for me. The music, the beautiful animation, Idina Menzel, it was all just a home run for me. And now it was time for Frozen Summer Fun!!!

Franklin scoped out the spot he wanted and set up his tripod.

I snuck off to the stores and bought my new Elsa Magic Band. Yes, I know, I’m addicted to Frozen merchandise.

Soon, it was time for the show!

One of the things I loved most about the Frozen fireworks was how well the stage show with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf worked with the fireworks.

I was enraptured. The fireworks themselves were phenomenal, but paired with the music from Frozen was just perfection. And then Elsa cued up the “Let it Go” finale… and the tears came.

Michelle looked over at the end of the show and saw the tears falling down my face. “Are you crying?” she asked. Yep, I sure was. I’d spent weeks helping people plan their visits to see the Frozen Summer Fun at DHS and I was so happy to finally be there and see it myself. I was also crying because I had just fallen madly in love with a fireworks show. Forget Hallowishes, regular Wishes and Illuminations, Frozen fireworks had just sailed right to the top of my “favorite Disney fireworks” list. I mentally started finding more nights during this trip to see the show a few more times.

Dad and Michelle dropped us off back at Grand Floridian and we could hear crackling as we walked into the villas. It was time for Wishes!

We thought about running over to the dock, be all three of us were beat and we could kind of see through the trees from our balcony. So that’s where we watched from.

That’s where our evening ended, so that’s where our chapter ends as well. But don’t fret, we have our much-awaited Universal day up next. It’s Diagon Alley time! But first, did any of you get to see the Frozen fireworks this summer? What did you think of them?


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