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(August 2014 Trip Report) Fireworks Over California

We last left off arriving back in the Disney bubble after a fabulous day exploring Diagon Alley. We had about enough time to shower and change before jetting off for dinner. Where were we dining, you ask? Just one of our favorites!

We met my dad and Michelle at the restaurant. Turns out, they’d already checked in and had beaten us to the bar!

Franklin ordered the cucumber fizz, knowing I’d want to share it. He’s the cutest.

We took Chelsea out to the balcony to show her the spectacular view!

And soon we were seated at a table that afforded us a lovely view of the park.

The waiter brought the bread basket first (lavender-flavored focaccia and whole-wheat sourdough).

Michelle started with what looks like the world’s most beautiful salad (in reality, I think it was a summer watermelon salad).

And Dad started with the Caesar salad.

Franklin and I split the goat cheese ravioli.

Michelle’s entree was the scallops.

Chelsea chose the goat cheese ravioli as her main course.

Dad enjoyed the oak-fired filet (though he says it was a smidge overcooked).

Franklin and I apparently wanted to eat our weight in sushi: We ordered the Spicy Kazan roll, Pork Belly Nigiri and the oshizushi.

I couldn’t believe any of us had room for dessert, but we did! The table shared the blueberry cheesecake.

I’m not going to lie. The service at California Grill on this night was slooooooow. Our meal took just shy of three hours. We’ve had long meals at Cali Grill before, just not quite this long. We had just finished up dessert when it was time to head for the balcony for Wishes.

We weren’t the only ones with that idea.

Franklin would like me to warn all of you that he shot Wishes that night without his trusty tripod, so the results aren’t quite as spectacular as he’s used to.

That spectacular meal and beautiful fireworks display is where this Disney day ends. But stay tuned, we’ve got some Grand Floridian fun coming up next!


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