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(August 2014 Trip Report) A Last Day of Magic

After a double dose of fireworks the night before, we slept in a little bit on the last day of our trip. We awoke to another beautiful Florida day!

I know people’s biggest knock against Bay Lake Tower is it doesn’t feel “Disney” enough. I totally disagree, just look at the art in the studio, totally Disney.

We got dressed and took our bags downstairs for Resort Airline Check-In, then we stowed our carry-ons with Bell Services and headed to the monorail — time for breakfast!

We pulled through TTC, it was shaping up to be a busy day at Magic Kingdom. We’d see these folks later, though.

We arrived at the Poly, which was still a hideous construction zone at that point. The scenery at Kona Cafe was not very pretty.

But who goes to Kona for scenery? We were there for the yummy food. Franklin had his usual, Tonga Toast.

Franklin would bathe in the strawberry sauce if he could find a bathtub-sized supply.

I opted for French toast, more boring but equally yummy.

Our delicious, leisurely breakfast had let the early rush pass at the parks. We arrived to a wide-open bag check!

We had a very important meeting upon our arrival at the park. It was with the head cheese.

Mickey told us he’d visited the hitch-hiking ghosts that morning and they’d taught him a new pose for photos. He asked us if we’d like to try it with him. Of course we would, Mickey!

I really don’t understand why Mickey has to blink, though. It just makes for “drunk Mickey” pictures.

Before we left, I had one more thing to do with Mickey: Record a video message of Mickey telling Tanner how excited he was to see him in December!

Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped in to see Tinkerbell.

Tink noticed the Cinderella on my shirt and asked if I’d see her later. I said we would.

She told me to tell her that she found Cinderella’s blue necklace and that she’ll have the other fairies help her fly it over to the castle after the fireworks that night.

We worked our way up Main Street. With T-minus two days until the first Halloween party of the year, the park was looking spectacular.

We stopped for a castle picture.

We made our way through the castle…

… and into Fantasyland. Princess Fairytale Hall, to be exact.

We saw Rapunzel first, and she totally flirted with Franklin.

See his cheesy smile? He was lapping it up.

We saw Cinderella next and we relayed the very important message from Tink.

She was thrilled to be getting her necklace back, she said the mice had looked everywhere for it!

With lots of character meet and greets under our belts, it was time to ride something. To the Mansion!

We headed for a more tropical locale next.

We had one last FP+ reservation to use before we departed, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

We had time for one more ride before leaving the park, but it would have to be a quick one. Can you believe we hadn’t been on the tea cups yet on this trip?

We said our goodbyes to the castle. See you in December, beautiful!

And with a band playing our exit music…

… we made our way toward the front of the park. I was sobbing inwardly about missing the rest of the fall season at Disney.

We would see you real soon, Magic Kingdom. Only you’ll be full of garlands and twinkle lights for Christmas!

One last monorail ride brought us back to the Contemporary.

Where we waited for our Tragical Express bus back to the airport.

The bus came too quickly…

… as did our plane. We made it home after an uneventful flight, another fabulous Disney trip had come to a close. The Villas at the Grand Floridian were spectacular, we learned we didn’t hate Disney during the summertime as much as we feared we would and water parks would definitely be part of our Disney plans in the future. This was a trip full of fun moments, laughter, tears, family and friends.

Thanks for joining us for all of it! We’ll see you on the next trip!


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