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(August 2014 Trip Report) A Double-Dose of Fireworks

We came out of the Frozen singalong to find the weather had only gotten more soggy since we went inside.

I was worried about the fireworks being cancelled that night. But we didn’t have much time to worry, we had a dessert party to get to! Since it was raining, Disney had moved the party inside to the Disney Junior theater.

There was So. Much. Food. Starting with the chocolate fondue bar. In the words of Anna and Elsa, mmmmmmm chocolate!

Can we talk about the Olaf cake pops? They were adorable.

There were cute Anna-themed blueberry push-up parfaits.

And snowflake berry cobbler.

Rice Krispy treats in fun Frozen colors.

And all the Frozen-themed cupcakes. All the cupcakes.

There were also two signature cocktails.

The one on the left was Warm Winter Grog: Citrus vodka, lemonade and ginger beer. The one on the right was Iced Summer: Rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice and Sprite.

I’m not going to lie, the drinks were just okay. Not nearly as good as the ones we had at the Star Wars Weekend Feel the Force dessert party. I loved the POG-based drink at that party. And since there was POG juice at the kids table of the Frozen dessert party, I wandered over to the bartender and asked if he could me us a couple of those drinks from the Star Wars party.

He agreed with our assessment of that night’s drinks and happily made us as many of the Star Wars drinks we could drink. And he even made a couple in coffee cups so we could take them out for the fireworks!

Back to the food, though. We tried a little of everything.

Soon enough, it was time to make our way to the preferred viewing area for the fireworks!

There was even a familiar face in Olaf’s social media run-down of the day’s events.



Time for the main event, on with the fireworks!


Most people would think our night was over after the Frozen fireworks. But they would be totally wrong. We’d concocted a plan to skedaddle from DHS after the fireworks rather quickly and try to make it back to Bay Lake Tower to watch Wishes from our balcony. It would take some serious maneuvering and a dose of bus luck to make it happen. Did we do it?

You bet we did!

There was really only one thing left to do, post our big double-fireworks accomplishment to Instagram!

Well friends, we found a pretty fantastic way to enjoy our last evening at Disney: A double feature of Frozen fireworks and Wishes!

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And then we both collapsed, exhausted, into bed. It was a pretty awesome last night at Disney. But stay tuned, we’ve got one more day of Disney fun ahead on this trip!


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