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(April 2015 Trip Report) A Couple of Classics and a Dose of Magic

We’d just finished a fantastic breakfast at ‘Ohana, so it seemed only natural to head to Magic Kingdom to continue the fun!

We took a right and hopped onto the PeopleMover for a quick spin.

Then we sailed away to Neverland on a flying boat.

It was another super-hot day, a cool treat was definitely in order.

Looking for a cool, dark place to lower our temps, a certain Mansion seemed to fit the bill… Haunted Mansion, that is!

This was what we saw when the Stretching Room door opened, I guess things we just a little backed up.

No worries, though, we eventually made it into a Doom Buggy.

All the Dis Girls we’d eaten breakfast with wanted to meet up on Main Street so we could all take castle pictures together. It turned into quite the photo shoot.

Mary is just the cutest!

Girls’ photo!

Everyone pile in, now!

We’re a pretty silly group.

Like I said, it was HOT. So Franklin and I were ready for a break from the park. We headed toward the front of the park.

And hopped on the monorail for the quick ride back to Contemporary/Bay Lake Tower.

It was time for a shower and a nap. But stay tuned, because we have an amazing dinner at Downtown Disney coming up next!


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